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Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...

Describe your perfect pizza.

I do not normally do these, but this particular question is impossible to resist. It is also an excuse to look at a picture of a pizza.

The perfect pizza has anchovies and pineapple on one half, and artichoke hearts and black olives on the other. It is also three feet wide and in a room with me.

I don't think I'm capable of ever making it entirely clear exactly how much I love pizza.


The best pizza I ever had was the Farmer's Market pizza from Zini's, with added feta cheese and sliced garlic. Words cannot describe how delicious it was.

Normally, though, I order bacon, pineapple, and tomato, because Pizza Hut doesn't get very fancy.
Pizza needn't be fancy to be awesome. A lot of people say that the pizza at CiCi's, for example, isn't fit for a dumpster rat, but if you buy the amazingly cheap buffet, they will custom-make for you any pizza you like, and as much of it as you'd like, which meant that I was getting a large anchovy-pineapple pizza that was literally right out of the oven for, what is it, $4.99?

That Farmer's Market pizza sounds fall-down good. There's a fantastic pizza restaurant literally two blocks from my front door (photo ref) and they make a pizza called the Primavera that is "red sauce topped with artichokes, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers and onions, black olives, spinach, Roma tomatoes and mozzarella" and I deserve some sort of medal for not weighing 350 pounds at this point.